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France Climbs 10 Positions in the 2018 World Digital Competitiveness Index


The IMD’s World Digital Competitiveness Index has come to its second edition in 2018 and France was present in it from the beginning. This year, however, France made a nice figure by climbing into one of the highest positions, if we are to consider the size of the country by population. France occupied the 26th position in IMD’s ranking for 2018. Our company formation agents in France can help foreign investors who are interested in starting a business here.

French Automotive Industry Registered Good Results in the First Half of 2018


France is one of the largest car producers in Europe and the industry has been following an upward trend during 2018, with the summer months registered the best results. Car sales also went up during the same months, with passenger and commercial vehicle sales growing the most in the first half of the year. Foreign investors who want to open companies in the automotive industry can rely on our company formation representatives in France for assistance.

France Announces the Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation


The new Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation, shortly known as PACTE in France, which was announced last year is now starting to shape as the French authorities have issued the bill which is now close to being voted and enacted by the Parliament. PACTE was created to help French companies to innovate and create new jobs. Our company formation agents in France can help foreign investors who want to start businesses here.

Paris, the Most Attractive City in Europe in Terms of Foreign Investments


A recent report issued by Ernst Young places Paris in the first position as the most appealing city in Europe for doing business. The consultancy company gathered data from 502 international business owners who came to the conclusion that Paris is more attractive than London in terms of doing business. London was until this year the favorite European capital of foreign investors. Our company formation agents in France can help foreign investors who want to open companies in Paris.

France to Invest 1,5 Billion Euros in Artificial Intelligence


In the last few years, France has invested massively in innovation which has helped it to earn its reputation among the most innovative countries in the world. Also, Paris was voted as one of the most innovative capitals at a global level. Now, the government wants to take innovation to a new level and invest in artificial intelligence (AI). Foreign investors who want to set up an innovative business here can rely on our company formation services in France.

French Company Registration Numbers Rose by 7% in 2017


2017 was a good year for the French business environment, as a total number of 591,000 companies were registered. This represents an increase of 7% compared to 2016 and one of the highest growths since 2010, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE). Foreign investors who want to open companies in this country can rely on our company formation consultants in France.

France, One of the Most Appealing Venture Capital Destinations in Europe in 2017


Enterprisers interested in setting up their companies in France should know that the venture capital market was one of the best economic sectors in the country last year. Fundraising brought a large number of investors interested in startups, according to a recent survey released by one of the most prestigious financial companies in the world. Our company formation consultants in France can assist with the registration of a company here.


France Moved Up One Place in the World Talent Report 2017


It is a tradition for France to be ranked as one of the best performant countries in studies around the world. Last year, the country managed to have spectacular results in various surveys carried out by renowned magazines and institutions. One of these surveys was issued by the IMD Global Competitiveness Center – the World Talent Report, in which France moved up by one place. Our company formation agents in France can offer information on the employment legislation applicable here.

Why Will France Remain Appealing to Foreign Investors in 2018?


It has become a tradition for France to release the Attractiveness Scoreboard which has reached its 8th year of success. The report is issued by the French Treasury Directorate in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the Commission for Regional Equality and it provides valuable information on the most attractive points of doing business in France. Our company formation consultants in France can help those who want to start a business here.

Venture Capital Has Helped with the Development of French SMEs in 2017


France is a leading country when it comes to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and most of their success is based on gathering funds through venture capital. This is how venture capital has become an important branch of the financial sector in France. Foreign investors who want to start a venture capital business here, can rely on our French company formation consultants.

French Fab Enriches the Made in France Label


France has recently added a new label to the ‘Made in France’ brand: the French Fab label. It is available for French manufacturing companies interested in exporting their goods outside the country. Also, the new label is available for all types of companies, from small to large ones. If you want to start a business in this country, our French company formation consultants can advise you.

Options for a Registered Address for a Company in France


Foreign businessmen and companies coming to France must consider various aspects before starting doing business here. Many of them do not pay that much attention to the registered address of the company, however it should be noted that without one, the company would be considered a non-resident entity. Our company formation agents in France can explain all the requirements related to starting a business in this country. Below we will analyze the options related to the corporate seat of local company.


France, in Top of Countries where is Easy to Do Business in


Foreign investors interested in doing business in France can take advantage of the guide put at their disposal by the World Bank which issued the 2017 Doing Business Report in which the company registration process is detailed. Foreign entrepreneurs seeking to open a company in France can read below some of the new aspects related to creating a business in this country.

France to Launch New Assistance Platform for Agricultural Companies


Agriculture is one of France’s leading industries and many of the companies registered in this economic sector recently are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Even if these companies benefit from a strong support from the government, the French Association of Food Industries decided to offer targeted measures which help agri-food businesses to expand their operations outside the local market. Our company registration consultants in France can assist foreign investors who want to open agricultural business here.

The French Tax Returns Calendar for 2017


The French taxation system is based on direct and indirect levies and all taxpayers – individuals and companies – are required to file tax returns in order to avoid penalties. This year, tax returns can be filed directly at the local tax administration office or via the Internet. Our company formation consultants in France can offer detailed information on the taxation system and the legislation related to paying taxes in this country.

Why Open a Company in the Automotive Industry in France?


According to recent European surveys on the automotive sectorFrance is one of the best performing countries in terms of producing cars and car spare parts. Addressing markets all over the world and with factories in other EU countries or other neighboring countries, France dominates the automotive scene in Europe delivering a large number of quality products. Foreign investors seeking to invest in one France’s best performing sector – automotive – can rely on our French company formation consultants for assistance.


Investment Opportunities for Foreigners in the French Agricultural Sector


Agriculture is one of the main engines of the French economy, registering annual sales of close to 200 billion euros and employing a large number of the country’s workforce. All French regions welcome investors interested in setting up agricultural businesses, as they all have land plots dedicated to various cultures, but also research centers where new species can be developed. Our company registration agents in France can assist foreign investors interested in opening a company in the agri-food sector.

French SMEs Registered the Best Export Results in 2016


At the beginning of February, the French Customs Authority issued a report on the country’s trade results registered last year. The survey shows French small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have thrived last year on the foreign markets in Europe and other third countries. These companies’ sales registered good growth in export numbers. The same report shows a growth for micro-enterprises also. Foreign investors interested in opening companies here can get assistance from our French company formation representatives.

Why Invest in IT in France?


France is one of the countries counting a great number of startups in the information technology industry. This industry has developed quite a lot during the last several years, placing France among the most sought destination by foreign investors, but most of all by young enterprisers interested in opening IT companies. If you want to invest in the IT industry, our company formation agents in France can assist with the company registration procedure.

American Investors Believe in France as an Investment Destination


The beginning of 2017 brought good news for France, according to the American Chamber of Commerce which released a report in which the American business community announces an improvement in the business sentiment. Moreover, 49% of the American investors declared they are confident the business climate in France will get better during the following years. Our company formation agents in France can assist all foreign investors interested in starting their businesses here.

Why Relocate Your Company to France after Brexit


France is currently one of the most prolific economies in the European Union and many British citizens live here. With the announcement of Great Britain leaving the EU after the referendum, many of them have decided to move to France. While for simple citizens is easier to move, UK companies may find it a little more difficult to decide where to move their businesses after Brexit. Here are a few reasons why France is worth considering for relocating a company after Brexit.