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France Climbs 10 Positions in the 2018 World Digital Competitiveness Index

Written by: Bridgewest

The IMD’s World Digital Competitiveness Index has come to its second edition in 2018 and France was present in it from the beginning. This year, however, France made a nice figure by climbing into one of the highest positions, if we are to consider the size of the country by population. France occupied the 26th position in IMD’s ranking for 2018. Our company formation agents in France can help foreign investors who are interested in starting a business here.

France’s position in the Digital Competitiveness Index

The IMD’s World Digital Competitiveness Report refers to the digital transformations suffered by countries all over the world. The index measures the impact of digital technology on the governments, the countries’ economies and societies based on 50 indicators.

This year, France ranked 26th at a global level, 12th among EU countries and 9th among countries with a population of over 20 million inhabitants. Compared to last year’s report, France went up by 10 positions.

What are France’s strengths according to the report?

The best positions occupied by France in the IMD’s World Digital Competitiveness Index are:

  • -          the 5th place in terms of the regulatory framework for digital technology;
  • -          the 12th position in terms of innovation for companies;
  • -          the 14th place in terms of knowledge which implies expenditure for research and development activities and publication of scientific articles;
  • -          the 16th place in terms of employment of scientific techniques and public-private partnerships.

France scored the highest in terms of e-government practices and e-participation – the 10th position.

Another good ranking was related to the technological environment put at the disposal of companies, in which France ranked 19th, based on all the indicators measured by the IMD.

France offers many development possibilities for companies

France was commended for its results in terms of innovation which provide good development possibilities for research and development companies, especially when it comes to small and medium-sized enterprises which represent one of the most important categories of businesses here.

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