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France to Invest 1,5 Billion Euros in Artificial Intelligence

Written by: Bridgewest

In the last few years, France has invested massively in innovation which has helped it to earn its reputation among the most innovative countries in the world. Also, Paris was voted as one of the most innovative capitals at a global level. Now, the government wants to take innovation to a new level and invest in artificial intelligence (AI). Foreign investors who want to set up an innovative business here can rely on our company formation services in France.

Research and development and artificial intelligence, top priorities for the French government

The announcement of investing in research and development (R&D) and artificial intelligence capabilities came directly from the presidency at the beginning of April. According to the press release, by 2022, France will invest 1,5 billion euros into the development of artificial intelligence.

The investment will be based on a specific strategy which will follow ethical measures, however, it will be correctly regulated.

To begin with, the presidency outlined the AI strategy as policies meant to ease labor conditions and to attract large industry players from all over the world which will transform France into a “startup nation”. In order to achieve this, France will use its education system which is now oriented towards preparing students with IT skills.

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France has already attracted several investors

France was already an appealing destination for large investors in the IT sector, as the number of innovative startups has simply soared in 2017. This has determined giants in the information technology field to invest massively in France, one of them putting 30 million USD into an AI school in Paris, which over the next 3 years should prepare 400,000 students.

France plans on focusing the development of artificial intelligence which will be used in the healthcare, transportation, environment and defense industries, as according to recent studies, by 2030 most countries in the world will use AI under one form or another.

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