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French Fab Enriches the Made in France Label

Written by: Bridgewest

France has recently added a new label to the ‘Made in France’ brand: the French Fab label. It is available for French manufacturing companies interested in exporting their goods outside the country. Also, the new label is available for all types of companies, from small to large ones. If you want to start a business in this country, our French company formation consultants can advise you.

French Fab will promote the manufacturing industry

During the last several years, the French government in a tight cooperation with players in the private sector have launched various labels under the ‘Made in France’ brand, one of the best known and most successful being French Tech, the label dedicated to startups in France.

Now, the government wants to give a helping hand to manufacturing companies through the French Fab program. Manufacturing is one of the economic pillars of France which is why companies will be encouraged to export their products all over the world under the French Fab label. The new program will mainly follow the steps of the French Tech initiative which was very successful, and which has made high-tech startups famous all over the world.

French Fab will be available to startups and will imply fewer requirements, while the other program under the same label will be available for larger companies which will be required to be innovative, have the capabilities to export the products and to go digital.

Our company registration agents in France can help with the incorporation of a company in the manufacturing industry.

France has launched other ‘Made in France’ labels with great success

Apart from the now famous French Tech which has put France and Paris on the map of the most innovative countries, respectively capitals in the world, the ‘Made in France’ program has also enabled the French Touch label which has successfully promoted the luxury goods sector across the world. Already, known for the high-quality jewelry pieces they manufactured, French companies were able to promote them all over the world through the new program. Now, the same should happen with the French Fab label.

If you want to open a company in France and need guidance, do not hesitate to contact our local company formation advisors.



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Starting a company in France can be difficult since it involves such complex procedures. The team from CompanyFormationFrance is very qualified and benefits from extensive expertise in this area.
Mihai Cuc, Partner of
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