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Create an Advertising and Marketing Company in France

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Create-an-advertising-and-marketing-company-in-France.jpgMarketing and advertising form one of the most prolific industries nowadays when every company needs the services of a company which offers such services in order to promote itself. France is one of the countries which has taken the regulation of marketing and advertising very seriously and improved the legislation related to such activities at the beginning of 2017.

There are several laws which provide for companies offering marketing and advertising services in France, among these the most important being the Civil Code, the Language Law and the most recently enabled the law on transparency of marketing agencies.

If you want to set up an advertising and marketing business in France, our local consultants can offer detailed information on the laws you must comply with.

Registering an advertising and marketing business in France

The registration of a company which offers marketing and advertising services in France is done by preparing the incorporation documents and filing them and information on the shareholders and company directors with the Trade Register.

Considering most agencies in France also offer digital marketing and advertising services, creating a website and registering a domain name for the company is advisable.

You can rely on our company formation agents in France for assistance in registering the company.

Licenses for marketing and advertising agencies in France

There are no special licenses required when opening a marketing and advertising company in France, however a permit from the municipalities is required for the placement of ads in public places, such as buildings or designated publicity boards.

The agency can also register with the Self-Regulation Advertising Authority (AARP) which can issue guidelines related to offering marketing and advertising services in France. When it comes to advertisement broadcasted on TV and radio, companies must comply with the regulations imposed by the Council of Publicity.

It should be noted that in certain industries, advertisements are regulated by sector-specific authorities.

If you are interested in starting a business in the marketing and advertising sector, please feel free to contact our company registration advisors in France.



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