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Create French Company for Support Activities for Agriculture

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Create-a-company-for-support-activities-for-agriculture-in -France.jpgForeign investors who have moved to France and started businesses in the agriculture industry have made quite a good decision given the development and the incomes of this economic sector during the past few years. France is now one of the largest producers of agricultural products, as well as of fish in Europe. Most the products supplied by French agricultural companies are destined for exports to EU member countries.

Even if it is not hard to set up a business in agriculture in France, enterprisers also find themselves in the position in which they need support in order to buy equipment, to invest in research and development (R&D) activities or simply to expand their operations to other areas. While the government supports agricultural companies, there are also private companies which can be established for the same purpose.

Our French company formation agents can assist foreign investors who want to create companies for the support of agricultural businesses.

Registering a French company which provides support for agricultural activities

In order to create a private company which supports agricultural activities carried out by farms or other types of businesses in this field, an investor must first register his own company. The limited liability company is the most suitable type of entity for providing support to agricultural companies in France.

Our company registration consultants in France can assist with the preparation of the documents related to the formation of the company and file them with the Trade Register.

What type of support can a French company offer to agricultural businesses?

There are various ways to support agricultural companies in France and investors interested in offering assistance to farmers can:

  • -          open financing companies with the purpose of offering financial support or loans to farms and farmers;
  • -          open consultancy companies;
  • -          open various laboratories used for the certification of organic goods produces by farms.

No matter the type of support for agricultural activities a French company offers, it must notify the Ministry for Agriculture in order to obtain authorization.

For assistance in starting a company for the support of agricultural activities, please contact our company formation advisors in France.


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