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Creating a Publishing Company in France

Updated on Sunday 02nd April 2023

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Creating-a-publishing-company-in-FranceForeign investors have the freedom of opening companies in most of the industries in France. Among these industries is also the publishing one, which has developed quite a lot during the last several years due to the evolution of digital media which makes it quite easy to open a French company in this field. However, the traditional media remains one of the strongest branched of the publishing industry, considering the great number of printed newspapers one can find on the stands in France.

Our French company formation agents can assist foreign investors interested in opening companies in most industries in this country.

The legislation related to opening a publishing business in France

When opening a publishing company in France, the first thing to determine is the type of business the investor will undertake. One can set up a newspaper, a business or even an e-publishing business. The establishment of a publishing company falls under the Press Law, more specifically the Law on the Freedom of the Press which was enabled since 1881. This law guarantees the freedom of speech of the press and the rights of publishers to print and advertise their newspapers or magazines.

Another important law considering the current developments in the media industry, is the Intellectual Property Law which helps owners of publishing companies in France to protect their work and even to register their business name as a trademark.

Our company registration consultants in France can offer more information on the laws related to opening a publishing business here.

How to set up a publishing business in France

The first step to open a French publishing company is to register a company with the Companies Register. The company registration procedure must be completed in accordance with the provisions of the Company Law in France.

No special licenses or permits are required to open a publishing business in France, as the Press Law only required publishers to file their name and submit two of their works with the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers in France. Optionally, they can register their names with the Trademark Office in France.

Compliance with accounting legislation is important when opening a business in France. In this sense, we recommend our team of accountants in France and our experience to be able to set you up from this point of view. thus, payroll procedures, audits, bookkeeping, annual financial statements and more can be successfully implemented. We can also help clients register to pay their business taxes.

For full information on how to open a publishing business in France, you can contact our company registration representatives.


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