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Establish a Company in the Fishing Sector in France

Updated on Sunday 02nd April 2023

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Establish-a-company-in-the-fishing-sector-in-France.jpgThe fishing industry is one of the most developed economic sectors in France as the country is known as one of the greatest seafood exporters in Europe. With access to the Atlantic Ocean, but also crossed by hundreds of kilometers of rivers, France is one of the best countries in Europe to start a fishing business in. Both local and foreign investors are welcomed to carry out fishing activities in state or privately-owned rivers.

In order to set up a business in the French fishing sector one must comply with the legislation related to this industry. Our company formation consultants in France can offer information on the laws to comply with when opening a fishing company.

Registering a fishing business in France

In order to start a company in the fishing industry in France, one register one of the available types of structures recognized by the Commercial Code. Our company registration advisors in France can handle this process on behalf of foreign businessmen. Following that, one of the available licenses issued by the local agencies for fishing and protection of the aquatic environment within the National Fishing Federation must be obtained.

Fishing regulations and licenses in France

All companies operating in the fishing sector in France must first establish the type of fishing activities they will undertake and then apply for one of the available licenses. The National Fishing Federation provides for the following fishing categories:

  • -          first category fishing areas which are inhabited by trout and salmon species;
  • -          second category fishing areas which includes all other lakes and rivers.

Fishing companies in France may also carry out their activities in seawaters. No matter where fishing takes place, French companies must apply for a fishing license which has a one year validity period. Even so, these companies may fish only during the open season which depends on the region where the permit is obtained.

We recommend the services offered by our accountants in France if you want to develop your operations in this country. It is even recommended to outsource payroll, bookkeeping, audits, and annual financial statements services. You also have our support for tax registration and debt monitoring. So, contact us to learn more about our services.

For full information on the legislation related to the French fishing industry, do not hesitate to contact our local company formation advisors. You can also rely on our company registration agents in France for assistance with the formation process of the fishing business.


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