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Asset Management in France

Updated on Thursday 04th August 2022

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asset management france
Asset management in France can attract the attention of entrepreneurs and investors who want to increase their portfolio and it's value. The services offered by our company formation agents in France involve an analysis of assets, followed by a series of solutions and tools to maximize the value of a portfolio of investments. In this article, we will review some of the facilities and services you can benefit from if you have a company in France.
 Quick Facts  
Who can benefit from asset management in France?

Persons interested in a proper management of investments and looking for portfolio expansion in a safe and risk-free manner.

Companies can also solicit such services.

Tasks of an asset management advisor

- in charge of wealth planning services,

- he/ she can deal with the investment portfolio of an entrepreneur or company,

- he/ she proposes risk-free investment solutions 

Types of investments in France

- real estate,

- stocks,

- bonds,

- exchange-traded funds,

- mutual funds etc.

Investment risks that can be predicted in a company

 - level of investment return is not achieved,

- buying mutual funds when prices are high,

- not selling in time assets that lost their value

Fiduciary responsibilities

Asset advisors work for the benefit of their clients, in terms of money. They can manage the assets, provide expertise in retirement or real estate plans, must inform about business decisions, can discuss with sector experts and can offer financial solutions.

 Financial analysis and reports

Such reports can reveal business risks, if certain investments have chances of high return and if specific solutions can be implemented.

Active asset management in France

Client's assets are verified before planning the investments. Asset advisors can offer investment recommendations based on the financial situation of the customer.

IT asset management

An active management can be provided to maximize the value of IT assets.

We offer forecasting instruments

Support for investors who want to make instructed decisions within their portfolios

Investment portfolio planning Clients are advised on long-term financial objects before proposal of investment alternatives and strategies
Fees imposed

Asset management companies can charge fees on the funds they supervise for customers.

 Wealth planning services contract

The duration of a contract might prolong for a few years, depending on the investment objectives of the client.

 Real estate investments

For businessmen who want to invest in real estate and gain fast return

What to consider when choosing an asset management advisor

- experience in risk-free investments and tax efficiency,

- solutions to protect your wealth

Why choose our asset management services in France We offer tailored solutions to businesspersons interested in expanding their portfolios. We have experience in wealth management with risk-free evaluation.

Key features for asset management in France

Asset management professionals are financial advisors who deal with the portfolio of assets and investments of a legal entity or company. With the help of these services, smart and secure investments can be made in order to increase their value over time. Here are some aspects of asset management in France:
  • Acquiring and maintaining investments with a clear potential for value growth over time.
  • Portfolio managers can handle specific analyzes to provide investment solutions with minimal risks.
  • High net-worth individuals, shareholders of companies, pension funds, government entities can benefit from asset management and dedicated services.
  • Financial advisors have fiduciary responsibilities and can decide on their own what kind of investments can be made, on behalf of individuals or companies.
  • Asset management in France involves increasing the value of assets while taking into account risks.
An experienced financial advisor will know from the outset the level of investment risk that a client, legal entity, or company may be subject to. Portfolio management requires special attention to the methods and tools that can be used to increase the value of assets. If you are interested in asset management in France, do not hesitate to discuss with our experts all the details.

What kind of investments can be made in France?

Asset management in France may involve certain types of investments, with a specific purpose:
  • Stocks.
  • Bonds.
  • Commodities.
  • Real estate.
  • Mutual funds.
  • Alternative investments.
What is important to note is that a financial advisor must do a complete financial analysis, with reports and statistics, but also know the market in which the company operates. He/she will have access to financial documents and will then offer tailored asset management solutions.

Who can offer France asset management?

There are companies dedicated to asset management services in France. Usually high net-worth individuals and companies use the services offered by such a company because they have a high level of trust. Previous experience, as well as the portfolio, will weigh heavily in this type of collaboration.
If you are interested in asset management in France and want to add value to your existing portfolio, then we invite you to talk to us. We will offer customized solutions, depending on the business projects you have.

Discussing long-term financial goals

Investments will show their value over time. An asset manager will need to discuss with the client and find out what kind of objectives he/she has planned regarding the investment portfolio. Depending on what is presented, the financial advisor will analyze the solutions and the related risks. This way you will know if long-term financial objectives are possible or not.
We present below some statistical data about the French economy, in order to know the kind of investments you can make in this country:
  1. France registered more than USD 968 billion in total FDIs in 2020.
  2. Manufacturing was the sector that absorbed the most foreign investment, around 29% of the total FDIs in 2020.
  3. More than 25% of foreign investment in France in 2020 went to the financial and insurance sector.
Therefore, for more information about asset management in France, please contact us. Our team will offer you a free case evaluation before any collaboration.

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