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Open a Company in the Farming Sector in France

Updated on Sunday 02nd April 2023

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Open-a-company-in-the-farming-sector-in-FranceAgriculture is one of the most prolific economic sectors in France. This is because France is a self-sufficient country when it comes to the production of agricultural products in all areas. This is how farming has become one of the most employed types of businesses in France.

Farms in France grow their own crops or grow their own cattle with a high accent on quality. Also, during the last several years bio-farming has become a French trend which has outgrown the country’s borders.

If you are interested in setting up a business in the farming sector, our French company formation agents can offer full information on the new Farming Law.

Structures used for creating a farm in France

Farms have a special status in France as they can be set up as small or large types of businesses. Local or foreign enterprisers who want to open companies in the farming sector in France can register them as one of the types of structures provided by the Commercial Code or as smaller entities, called individual farms.

Individual farms in France can be set up by one individual or in collaboration with other members of the family who will act as:

  • -          co-farmers;
  • -          family assistants;
  • -          collaborator spouses;
  • -          farming partners;
  • -          employees.

French farms can also be created as association between several farmers. Our company registration consultants in France can offer information on the structures available for opening farming business here.

Licenses related to running a farm in France

The licenses related to opening a farm in France depend on the activities which will be undertaken here. The licenses and permit are issued by the regional Chamber of Agriculture. The main types of licenses to be obtained when opening a farming business in France are related to:

  • -          growing cattle for the production of meat;
  • -          growing poultry;
  • -          cultivating cereal crops;
  • -          cultivating vegetables and fruits.

There is also the possibility of establishing a fishing farm in France. This implies creating artificial lakes populated with specific types of fish.

If you want a team of accountants in France, we suggest you collaborate with our company and benefit from the services that interest you. While bookkeeping involves all the financial records in the company, payroll involves the calculation and delivery of salaries to employees' accounts. As for recruitment and staff administration, you can opt for the HR services we can offer you.

For assistance in opening a business in the French farming sector, please contact us. You can rely on our company formation advisors in France for further information on the Farming Law.


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