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Open a French Business for Repair and Maintenance of Boats

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Open-a-business-for-repair-and-maintenance-of-ships-and-boats-in-France.jpgFrance is one of the important maritime powers in Europe and many foreign investors set up companies in this field here. There are also a great number of foreign citizens who simply buy pleasure boats for their vacations spent in the famous French resorts.

Those who want to start a business in the maritime sector can offer ship and boats repair and maintenance services without being required to comply with too many requirements. They must, however, respect the guidelines imposed the French Maritime Authority (RIF).

Below, our company formation agents in France explain how to start a business for offering ship and boats repair and maintenance services.

How to register a French company for offering ship repair services

Both local and foreign entrepreneurs are welcome to operate in the maritime sector in France. They can also start companies which offer repair and maintenance services for various types of ships and boats.

As a guideline for establishing such a business, our company registration advisors in France recommend:

  • -          to choose the best business form for the company: the limited liability company or the sole trader, depending on the size of the business;
  • -          to choose an appropriate trade name which designates the types of services they offer;
  • -          to undergo specific training or hire specialized personnel in order to ensure high-quality services;
  • -          to create a website through which the company’s services are promoted.

We can assist with the company registration procedure. We can also guide entrepreneurs on the registration of a domain name for the website.

Boat repair and maintenance services offered by French companies

The following services can be offered by companies operating in the industry of repair and maintenance of ships and boats in France:

  • -          repair and maintenance services for large vessels and naval platforms;
  • -          repair and maintenance services for all types of yachts and pleasure boats;
  • -          repair and maintenance services of electrical appliances onboard of ships and boats;
  • -          repair and maintenance services of the hull of ships, yachts and other types of boats;
  • -          docking, storage, and maintenance of ships during winter periods.

For assistance in registering a company for offering ship and boat repair and maintenance services, please contact our French company formation representatives.

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Starting a company in France can be difficult since it involves such complex procedures. The team from CompanyFormationFrance is very qualified and benefits from extensive expertise in this area.
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