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Open a Truck Company in France

Updated on Sunday 02nd April 2023

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Set-up-a-transporting-and-storage-company-in-France.jpgFrance is one of the greatest economic powers in Europe and many good produced here are destined for export to the EU and to countries all over the world on a yearly basis. Vehicles, spare car parts, agricultural products and pharmaceutical products and devices are among the most appreciated, and thus exported products by French company. With such great demands, the number of logistics and truck companies in France is large. Foreign investors interested in starting a truck business or a logistics company in France can have an impressive revenue on a year-to-year basis.

Our French company formation consultants can assist foreign investors who want to start this type of business here.

Setting up a truck business in France

The first step to open a truck company in France is to prepare and file the incorporation documents of the company with the local Commercial Register in the city one wants to have the management place. Our company registration agents in France can handle the company incorporation procedure.

Once this step is completed, the owner of the truck company must take notice of the legislation related to transporting goods by the road in France. These rules were last updated at the beginning of 2017 and impose certain driving restrictions.

Special regulations for truck companies in France

In 2016 France enabled a new law which provides for certain requirements for international hauling and cabotage companies operating in this country. Under this law, the driver of truck must carry with them a license for transporting the goods and the employment contract. The French truck company must also obtain import and export permits for the goods they will be transporting, as well as certificates of origin for each product, especially for agricultural products. Depending on the products to be transported, additional permits could be required.

French drivers must also obtain a professional driver’s license or a TIR driver’s license apart from the ordinary one.

If you want a successful business, you should also consider the services offered by our team of accountants in France. They have the necessary experience to be able to offer the services you need in the company, among them, payroll, audits, bookkeeping, and preparation of annual financial statements. First of all, it is necessary to register for the payment of taxes, in which case we can offer you our full support.

For full information on the Transportation Law and licenses required to open a truck company in France, please contact us. Our company formation agents in France can also assist you in opening other types of companies.


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