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Open Company for Manufacture of Textiles in France

Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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Create-a-French-company-for-manufacture-of-food-products.jpgParis is known as the world’s fashion capital which makes France one of the most appropriate countries to start a textile business in. From small boutiques to large fashion stores where designer clothes can be sold, setting up a business in the textiles industry is a good business idea. However, retail is not the only part of this sector, as all fabrics must first be manufactured before being processed and transformed into the final products. So, investors who want to try a different branch of the clothing sector can open a business for the manufacture of textiles in France.

Our company formation consultants in France can assist with the registration procedure of the textile manufacturing company.

A few numbers on the French textiles industry

France is currently the 3rd largest textile manufacturer in Europe. This position is given by the quality of products coming out the gates of textile mills here which also generate higher costs. French textile manufacturing companies also found a great use for technology which they integrated in their operations, such innovative materials or processes used in fabricating their products.

For 2017, the total market size of the French textile industry is expected to reach more than 1,5 billion euros, with exports of finished products accounting for 8,500 million euros. French textile products reach 91 countries all over the world.

How to set up a company for the manufacture of textiles in France

Those who want to open a manufacturing company or a textile mill in France must first comply with the local legislation which provides for the incorporation of a business. There are no special licenses required when starting operating, however the company must make sure the equipment and the fabrics used in the processing comply with the EU safety regulations.

Import and export licenses will be required upon brining fabrics or equipment in the country, respectively when sending the products abroad. Certain labeling requirements must also be complied with by textile manufacturing companies in France.

For assistance in setting up a business for the manufacture of textiles in France, please feel free to contact our local company registration advisors.


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