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Open a Cafe in France

Updated on Friday 05th November 2021

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Open a cafe in France.jpegOpening a cafe in France is definitely a suitable business option for those who want to develop in a country with countless possibilities. Once the structure is chosen, the formalities are straightforward, and the business can start immediately. Discover in this article some details on how to open a cafe in France, with the help of our company formation agents in France.

Opening a cafe in France - How do I start?

The most common business structure is a private limited liability company (French SARL) which can be set up with EUR 1 and a single shareholder. As there is no need for a local director or annual general meetings, the business involves fairly simple formalities, but as a foreign investor, you must keep in mind that you need a residence permit. Here are some of required formalities, stating that our local agents can help you from the very beginning in your business:
  • Choosing the name is the next step after the decision on the business structure. It must be unique, so a check is recommended.
  • The Articles of Association are the most important documents of a company. These must include complete information about its activities, shareholders, management rules, and various clauses.
  • Opening a bank account to deposit the minimum share capital is another important formality for a company in France. That account will be used for future operations in the company.
  • Registering with a local tax authority is the next step in setting up a company in order to open a cafe in France. VAT is one of the most important taxes in this country.
  • If you intend to hire workers, you need to register them for social tax contributions.
Once these formalities have been managed, the announcement of the establishment of the company with the Official Gazette will be published. We remind you that all these aspects can be successfully solved by our specialists in company registration in France.

How long does it take to register a company in France?

Normally, the registration of a French SARL is done in about 6 weeks, depending on the submitted documents and if others are needed. But in order to be prepared from the start, it is advisable to consider the help of our company formation specialists in France. All formalities can be managed by our agents, so do not hesitate to give us a call or an email.

Tips for opening a cafe in France

Opening a cafe in France is a fairly simple process if you take into account the main formalities. Here are some tips to keep in mind when starting such a business in France:
  1. If you want to serve alcoholic beverages in the cafe, it is recommended to obtain a drinks license in France. This type of license is transferable if you buy a cafe already registered in France.
  2. If in addition to coffee you want to serve food, then you need to consider the specific approvals and controls of the authorities. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is a training that helps you learn hygiene standards in restaurants and cafes.
  3. If the cafe also has a terrace, it is necessary to obtain the operating permit for this from the municipality and the competent authorities.
  4. Do not forget to display all the authorizations in the cafe in case of a routine control.

Why invest in France

France is known as a top business destination, where large companies already have headquarters here and record consistent profits every year. The strategic geographical position, access to major world markets, the financial and economic stability offered, the experienced workforce, and the opportunity to excel in the field of innovation are some of the advantages offered by France. The business climate is stable and highly appreciated by foreign investors, especially for the simplicity with which a company can be set up. Here are some statistics about the French economy:
  1. More than 29% of total foreign investment in France is absorbed by the manufacturing sector.
  2. More than USD 968 billion represented the total FDI in 2020 in France.
  3. The USA is France's largest investor, with over 18% of total foreign investment directed to this country. It is followed by Switzerland, with 13.4%.
  4. According to the 2020 Doing Business report, France ranked 32nd out of 190 world economies in terms of business conditions and climate.
Therefore, those interested in opening a cafe in France can contact our team of company formation agents in France. You can benefit from all our support, but also from personalized services.

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