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Set up French SARL Company

Updated on Wednesday 05th July 2023

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Foreign investors who want to open companies in France can choose between several types of structures. Among these, the limited liability company, simply known as SARL, is the most popular.
Below our French company formation agents explain how to open a SARL in this country.
 Quick Facts  
Who can register a SARL in France? Residents and non-residents who want to start a company in France.

Formalities for opening a company in France

- preparation of Articles of Association,

- tax registration,

- opening a bank account,

- obtaining the necessary licenses and permits

Minimum share capital

Local corporate bank account Yes, but not mandatory
Tax registration (YES/NO)


We provide support for company formation in France (YES/NO)


Time frame for starting a business

Around 2 weeks

Board of managers (YES/NO)


 Legal representative (YES/NO)


Resident director required (YES/NO) No
Office rent (YES/NO)


 Possibility of hiring expats (YES/NO)


Annual financial statements required (YES/NO)


Best use for SARL in France

Suitable for most activities in France, such as trading, manufacturing, IT, tourism, agriculture, etc.

Advantages of SARL in France

- fast company incorporation,

- low maintenance costs,

- less bureaucracy,

- advantageous taxation 


What is a SARL in France?

A French SARL is a Societe a Responsabilite Limitee, which is the French translation of a limited liability company. This structure is recommended for small and medium-sized companies incorporated in France. Company formation in France as far as a SARL is regarded falls under simple regulations and flexible requirements.

Requirements for setting up a SARL in France in 2023

One of the greatest advantages of the French private limited liability company is that it can be created by foreign investors who will benefit from the same conditions imposed on local business persons. For this purpose, a foreigner will need to consider the following:
  • - the residence permit will be required only if he or she wants to relocate to France in order to run the business;
  • - the foreigner must also find a suitable address which will be used as a registered address for the company;
  • - a set of documents needs to be prepared and filed with the Companies Register in France;
  • - a bank account must be opened with a local bank and the company must obtain a tax identification and VAT number;
  • - certain requirements must be met with respect to the licenses which need to be obtained by the SARL.
Our company registration consultants in France can offer detailed information on the requirements and preparations which need to be made prior to setting up a SARL company no matter the domain of activity.

The legal address of a SARL company in France

One of the most important requirements to be respected before starting the incorporation procedure of a SARL is to find an office space or another facility which can be used as a registered address for the business. This is a mandatory requirement for the company to be considered a French resident business.
There are no special requirements to be fulfilled when choosing the legal address of the company, however, it should be noted that it must be a physical location in which correspondence can be received. Our local consultants can help with virtual office services during the first phase of the company incorporation procedure.
Those interested in opening a French SARL should pay attention to the costs involved. As such, the fee imposed by the French Trade Register is around EIR 65, while those interested in a virtual office package should pay a fee of EUR 30 per month. Additional costs include the company formation fee of approximately EUR 1,000.

The articles of association of a SARL in France

The memorandum and articles of association are the most important documents which indicate the intention of setting up a company, respectively the founding documents of the company to be created in France. These must contain full information about the shareholders, the directors, the company’s object of activity, the legal address and the chosen business form – the SARL, in our case.
The articles of association must also provide for the share capital of the company, its currency and the division of shares among the shareholders.
The articles of association must be drafted in French and must be notarized by a public notary prior to being filed with the Companies Registrar.
If you are looking for accountants in France, do not hesitate to contact us and discover the services offered. Any company needs bookkeeping, audits, payroll services, and HR management, and we can offer you this type of service. Also, if you are interested in more complex investments, you can benefit from expert tax advice from us. Contact us today to benefit from a free case evaluation.
1 EUR and at least 2 shareholders but no more than 100 are sufficient to open a French SARL. Starting a French SARL is advantageous for foreign investors because the assets are entirely protected, compared to sole traders where founders are directly liable for cases of bankruptcy.

Opening a bank account for a French SARL company


The opening of the bank account is perhaps one of the lengthiest procedures when opening a SARL in France. This treatment applies to local and foreign entrepreneurs, as no matter the chosen bank, specific verification procedures must be completed.
Given the fact that this procedure takes the most, it is advisable for the registration procedure of a SARL to be initiated in due time.
In order to facilitate the creation of a SARL company, our company registration specialists in France can start the incorporation procedure at the request of the investor. We can also handle this procedure remotely, based on a power of attorney. This way, foreign businessmen can prepare other stages related to commencing the activities of their French business.
You can discover the procedure of setting up an LLC in France in the scheme below:



FAQ on setting up a French SARL

1. What is the minimum share capital for a SARL in France?
Shareholders can provide 1 EUR when incorporating a French limited liability company. Contributions can be made in cash or in kind and these have to be evaluated by an expert in order to issue a report of validation. 20% of the initial capital must be paid before company registration in France.
2. How many shareholders are necessary for a SARL in France?
No more than 100 shareholders can incorporate a limited liability company in France. These can be individuals with no special requirements for their citizenship or legal entities. Founders are liable to the extent of their contribution. The shares can be transferred between shareholders freely.
3. What is the management structure for a SARL in France?
One or more managers are required for a limited liability company in France. Their residence or nationality are not submitted to special requirements. The name of the manager is mentioned in the articles of association and it can be assigned for unlimited period. There is also the possibility that shareholders with more than half of the shares can appoint a new manager from the shareholders, employees or an outsider of the company. The responsibility of the manager stands in his ability for making all major decisions on behalf of the French SARL.
4. What are the documents required to open a SARL in France?
The following documents must be considered when registering a limited liability company in France:
  • - the company’s shareholders identification papers which must be translated and notarized;
  • - information about the managers of the company (identification papers and appointment letters);
  • - the memorandum and articles of association of the company which must be notarized;
  • - the application forms issued by the Trade Register and the notice showing the publication of the decision to open the company in the National Gazette.
5. What are the steps to open a French SARL?
The following steps must be completed in order to open a French SARL:
  • - checking and reserving the company with the National Institute of Industrial Property;
  • - opening the corporate bank account and depositing the share capital of the company;
  • - publishing the decision of company incorporation with the French Official Gazette;
  • - filing all the documentation with the Trade Register and registering for taxation and social security.
6. How can a SARL in France be verified in 2023?
A statutory auditor is mandatory in a French SARL only if the total assets exceed 1,550,000 EUR, sales are over 3.1 million EUR or if the company has more than 50 employees. When two of the above-mentioned conditions are met, an auditor must issue reports on all transactions made by the French SARL.
Stating with 14th of February 2021, the French tax authorities have introduced a new tax compliance procedure with regards to the manner in which taxpayers can be audited. Starting with February 2021, audit in France can be done by certain specialists, such as lawyers, authorized auditors, accountants and other persons who have the necessary expertise in the field. The tax compliance audit will be applied to all companies, but they will be limited to 10 tax topics, such as the VAT regime, cash-register software, VAT payment rules and others and this type of tax audit will not represent a global tax audit on the company.  
7. Are there other requirements for a SARL in France?
Transfer of shares between shareholders is free, but it can only be performed if all the founders of a SARL in France are informed. If the two parts are members of the family, the transfer is more flexible.
8. How long does it take to register a French limited liability company?
The registration of a SARL company can take up to six weeks.
9. How much does it cost to open a SARL in France in 2023?
The SARL is one of the cost-friendly types of companies in France considering the low company registration fees and the lack of share capital requirements.

Why set up a SARL in France?

The private limited liability company is the most employed type of structure by local investors in France. This is why foreign investors are also keen on choosing it; however, there are several independent reasons for which one should choose it.
First of all, the SARL is one of the most versatile business forms in France. It can be used for trading purposes by both small and large enterprises thanks to the liability of the shareholders who will benefit from protection of their personal assets in case of company liquidation. It is also possible for the SARL to have corporate shareholders, a case in which it can be established as a subsidiary.
Even though the minimum share capital for a French SARL is EUR 1, you should consider a working capital starting at EUR 1,000 to be perceived as a more stable business in France.
For more details about opening a limited liability company in France in 2023, you may contact our company incorporation agents in France. Our company formation representatives offer personalized business incorporation procedures for those interested in setting up a new SARL or buying a ready-made one in France.

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