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Create an IT Company in France

Updated on Sunday 02nd April 2023

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The information technology sector, usually referred to as IT, is one of the most developed industries in France at this moment. This is because many cities in France have engaged in creating innovation clusters which have transformed them into smart cities and thus the need of digitization has increased a lot during the last several years. Starting a business in the IT field in France will definitely bring important incomes to the owners of such businesses and even more, considering the large number of IT companies expanding their activities abroad, international recognition will definitely come with it.

Our company formation agents in France can offer more information on the IT sector.

The activities undertaken by French companies in the IT sector

There several laws which provide for the establishment of an IT company in France. The most important one is the Information and Communication Technologies Law which was renewed a few years back with the purpose of creating a friendlier legal framework for French IT companies.

When it comes to activities an IT company can undertake in France, these are quite varied and we remind of the following:

  • -          research and development, which also benefits from a lot of support from the government;
  • -          software development;
  • -          web design;
  • -          creation of websites;
  • -          digital services;
  • -          act as Internet service providers.

Our company registration consultants in France can offer information on the programs developed by the government with the purpose of assisting and promoting the information technology sector.

Registering an IT business in France

The first step to open an IT company in France is to choose the right business form and register it with the Commercial Registrar. Following that, the necessary licenses for starting operating must be obtained from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. These licenses depend on the activities the IT company will carry out. Considering most IT businesses have websites, they can purchase domain names with accredited registrars in France.

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